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5 ways to save now and all summer long

  • Do chores when it’s cooler outside to produce less heat
  • Share tips about running full loads of dishes and laundry
  • Ceiling fans can help you stay cooler when used with your AC
  • Open windows when it’s cooler outside to reduce indoor temperature.
  • Proper refrigerator seals reduces costs

    5. Make sure refrigerator seals are tight.

    Cost-Saving Estimate: $25/year

    Test your refrigerator door seal by closing the door on a dollar bill and slowly pulling it out. If there’s no resistance, your fridge could be leaking cool air. You may also see discoloration or cracks in the seal. To improve your fridge’s efficiency and extend its lifespan, replace this leaky seal, known as a gasket, with a new one.

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    Enjoy a summer of savings!

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